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Self-inflicted Sonic Soaking


Some days are just going to be one of “those days.” Mine started innocently enough when I decided to hit the drive-thru at Sonic. I pulled up to order a raspberry ice tea, except no one was saying, “Thank you for making my Sonic your Sonic. How can I help you?” For that matter, no one said anything, and I knew they were in there. What I didn’t know was that it was one of “those days.”

I finally just pulled around and order my tea direct from the source. My really large, Route 44 raspberry ice tea. This is when things went from annoying to catastrophic bad.

Not wanting to clutter the car with things like straw wrappers, I stopped at the trash can before leaving the parking lot. I took the wrapper off, and then stabbed the straw into my cup. No, wait. Let me clarify: I stabbed the straw THROUGH my drink cup. I actually stabbed a big hole into the side of the cup, only realizing it because the cup was in my lap, and my lap was quickly filling up with ice tea. Like someone had turned a tea-spewing garden hose onto my crotch.

Picture this if you will, I’m trying to get the tea gusher out of the car while still containing the spilled tea in my lap – not really a problem there since my pants were quickly soaking it all up. At the same time, I’m trying to put the car in park and jump out while shrieking several unladylike words. So there I stand next to the car, holding the offending cup, looking like I’ve just lost total bladder control, wondering what to do next, all for the entertainment of everyone in the drive thru.

My only choice was to waddle into Sonic and ask for napkins. Seeing as my pants and underwear now held 44 ounces of raspberry tea, every step was squishy and unpleasant. To add insult to humiliation, I had to put the new Route 44 ice tea on my credit card because I’d just spent my last $3 on the tea running down both my legs.

I’m just going to say, some days are just going to be one of “those days.” While there’s no point in crying over spilt tea, I suggest you take it on the chin and stay home. Oh, I wish I had!


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