Mom and the Man

JackFour years ago, he graduated from high school. Four days ago, he graduated from college. I thought I couldn’t be more proud of my oldest son as when he boldly and confidently marched himself into his Kindergarten class without so much as a look back at me; not until he boldly and confidently marched across a stage to accept a high school diploma. Well, paint me ignorant because neither matched seeing him pause mid-handshake with the president of the university, diploma in the other hand, while a photographer captured that moment he became a college graduate.

And so the washing machine that is my life hits the spin cycle again. You’d think I’d get used to this. You’d think.

What I’m realizing about being a parent, now that my babies are turning into adult people is, if you do it right, they go away. Suddenly, that seems really messed up! If you invest your heart, you’re life’s allotment of patience, a small financial fortune, and any hope of developing a solid sleep pattern, your reward is to see the back of their heads as they charge off boldly and confidently into their lives. Just when you finally get them to the point that you really want to hang around them, they leave! So messed up.

But, too, if you really do it right, you give them a phone. It’s like one of those tracking devices they put on dorsal fins of orcas. Even as your kids get all adult-y, they’ll still use that phone to call you about the really important things in their lives: How long does it take for hard-boiled eggs? What do bedbugs look like? Where do you get pants altered? Yes, your role in their lives is basically to be their personal Google search, but that’s okay. It means they can handle the big things in their lives themselves.

So as my oldest spreads his big, strong wings to fly, I watch the back of his head as he marches off to do big things. He’s bolder and more confident than ever, but I know, too, he’ll glance back. When he does, I’ll tell him hard-boiled eggs take about 12 minutes, bedbugs look like little apple seeds, the dry cleaner can alter the pants, and I’ll always be here, always proud, always loving the man he’s become.


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5 responses to “Mom and the Man

  1. Donna Lunsford

    Beautiful! So bittersweet watch your boys go into the world. You summed it up perfectly, as always. Congratulations to Jack!

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  2. Sharon Barnes

    Beautifully said, my friend. So surreal to see them grow up and willingly leave the nest. I’m extremely proud of the job, you the mom, did. Commendable that you heeded the lessions well, Jack; and best wishes for a bright and shiny future.

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  3. LA

    Congrats! And great post!

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  4. Donna Jablecki

    Beautifully written Jean. All mothers of wonderful feel the same. Thank you for saying it for all of us
    Donna Jablecki

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  5. Teresa Sparks

    Finally got to read this one. And thanks for this touching tearful memory. Mine are older but
    Still tugs at The heart. So need the endless limitless connection. Thanks now to iPhones, face time and Sunday dinners if possible. 👍🏼❤️💖

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