21 Because I Didn’t Kill Him

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My youngest son just turned 21 this past week. He’s officially and legally an adult because of me. Because I didn’t sell him to a tribe of travelling gypsies when he was a toddler; because I didn’t let that pack of wolves raise him through the early years; because when he was a teenager I’d already missed the point that I could just drop him off at the fire station no questions asked; because he is the child my own parents wished upon me and I already know all his tricks so, yes, he has survived to adulthood. You’re welcome.

Now at last, the child who has, for all these years, driven me to drink is old enough to buy me that drink. Except he’d probably have to borrow a few bucks from me to cover the bar tab but whatever. He is the factual proof of the enduring grace of a merciful God, because without that, I would have probably killed him a long time ago. He has always been that kid who would jump off the roof in Superman pajamas, who never passed up an opportunity to explode something, tested the coverage on my health insurance, and to this day believes that rules are not directives to be followed but dictates to be challenged and broken.

Without this child, I would have undoubtedly and irresponsibly squandered away the money I’ve spent on broken phones, broken bones, broken eye glasses, broken cars and broken windows on ridiculous things like tropical vacations or furniture without broken springs, backs and legs. I would never have developed a close, cooperative relationship (think 12-Step Support Group) with grade school teachers who had to deeply examine their career choice after a year with my son. His third grade teacher never returned to the classroom and his fourth grade teacher has my vote for canonization.

I can only think that 21 years ago I must have prayed for patience, because

God has given me endless opportunity to learn it with this kid – now a young man. And this very impressive young man has also taught me through his example to love abundantly, deeply and with every fiber; to charge forward fearlessly; to show tolerance unquestioningly but to question everything else; and to live life passionately.

It has been an honor and a blessing to be his mom. Happy Birthday, Tom!

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7 responses to “21 Because I Didn’t Kill Him

  1. Teresa sparks

    Ahhh love the roast, er tribute to your son! Patience and a healthy sense of humor for sure!

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    • Sarah Borgerding

      Charge on Tom! 🙂 Honoured to have been a part of your journey and wish you all the best as you construct your own path forward!


      • When I look at the touchstones in his journey, you are a point of strength and belief in him when he needed it. Blessings on you for being you in a world that needs more like you!


  2. Gail L. Harris

    Beautifully written with love in every word. You made it and are still alive and kicking. Loved watching him grow up. But don’t think you are done; pretty sure more to come! Just take me along in your backpack! glh


  3. Debbie Slaughter

    The bane of your motherhood is our hope for the future….fearless, funny and faithful!! Happy Birthday Tom, and congratulations Mom!!


    • Debbie Slaughter, you have no idea how much your kind, accepting, positive influence in his life made such a pivotal impact at such an important time. There is a special place in heaven for 4th grade teachers! Especially ones like you!!!


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