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Our First Holiday Without Him

tgivingThis Thanksgiving, I joined the countless other forgotten, unloved parents who raised ungrateful, thoughtless children who have the unthinkable audacity to grow up, go away to school, get lives of their own and forget to come home for major holidays. (Insert pathetic sob here.) That’s right, my college student did not spend Thanksgiving Day with us. I always knew one day he’d break our hearts. Instead of being here within the clawing grasp of our loving arms, he went to Toronto instead.

Despite pointing out that he’d have plenty of time to hang out with his friends and see the world after we were dead, he went off anyway. So we cried. Just a little. We can only have small crying fits as crying upsets the dog. And the dog is really old, probably just one upset away from the Rainbow Bridge. Not that it matters, because Buster is so old he probably doesn’t remember that we even have a rotten son. Unfortunately, the rest of us aren’t that old and will likely die of a broken heart long before we can get that old. Not that this matters to anyone in Toronto.

Oh sure, he tried to sort of make it better by coming home for a few days before his little adventure. This was probably an attempt to get us use to what the future holds for us: the days when he’ll speed past our nursing home and honk twice, too busy to actually stop in and wipe the Ensure® off our trembling chins. Never the less, we’ll still be telling the nursing staff what a good son he is in our thin, failing voice, the whole time hoping we haven’t been dumped in the next facility to be investigated by Channel 11 for health code violations.

Honestly, I blame myself. It was me, after all, that raised him to be independent, to jump on opportunity when he sees it, and to chase down every adventure. And I’m not too proud, though, to say I was wrong. Those were bad parenting decisions on my part. Therefore, I think it’s now on him to realize that, forget that whole independent thing, and be home with me every chance he gets. There are millions of kids still living at home with mom, refusing to be launched! Why, oh why, did I get the one that won’t land?! (Insert big sigh here.)


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Spring Break: Nepal?! WTH?!

No one can say I’m not up for an adventure. I mean, I live in the Middle East after all! Find a bigger, weirder adventure than that. Well, I did. I booked a two-week trip to Nepal for me and my family for Spring Break this year. And with each moment that it gets closer to our departure time, I’m more overwhelmed with thoughts of “WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?!”

The first alarm bells went off for me when the tour company sent me an email suggesting we bring our own sleeping bags. I read that several times trying to compute what exactly they were saying. Did they want me to bring a My Little Pony sleeping bag so that I’ll have somewhere comfortable to lie down for a nap after lunch as we trek through the mountains? Or did they mean a hi-tech thermal body bag survival sleeping bag because, oh by the way, it’s getting down to the freezing point at 14,000 feet.

My confusion comes from the fact that I’m nearly positive I paid the extra however much money for the upgraded guest accommodations. What I’m coming to realize is that we’ve now upgraded from sleeping in the yak barn to sleeping on the stone floor of a Buddhist monastery. Since when is there no Marriott on Everest?!

With a newly heightened state of concern about this crazy mess I’ve gotten us into, I start looking a little more closely at the itinerary we’ve been sent. After arriving in Kathmandu, we will transfer by a small prop plane to the tiny village of Lukla at the base of Mount Everest. Okay, that sounds nice, except pull up Lukla on the internet and its notorious claim to fame is the fact that it’s the Most Dangerous Airport in the World. I try and reassure myself that if we crash, we’ll all go down together as a family. Unless one of us survives and is tragically maimed which would be even worse! Either way, no one will ever top that story on Facebook! So there’s an upside to everything.

After a week of trekking through the Himalayas, we’ll white water raft back down. So if I don’t die on the mountain (Go read the book “Into Thin Air), then I’ll probably drown in a frigid river careening down off the mountain. Let me repeat, “WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?!”


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