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Cat Attack

The name has been changed to protect past and future victims.

Unprovoked cat violence is real. I know. I’m a victim. 

I recently encountered a house cat on a porch in a respectable, safe neighborhood. It seemed like a nice enough cat, meowing to go inside and rubbing against my legs to be petted. I’m more of a dog person, but I’ve been owned by a cat in the past, so I petted its head. When I stopped, it pushed against my shin for more pets. Okay, fine. More pets. Except then, without any warning, it turned on me like a scorned junior high cheerleader and bit my arm. 

I’m not talking about a little nip or love bite. There are documented sand shark attacks that didn’t look this bad. There’s blood and an open wound. I’m hoping someone will call the paramedics before I go into shock. Mittens, however, could not give a flip. 

Fast forward to urgent care. Cat bites can actually be very serious. A lack of proper brushing and flossing or use of a good antibacterial mouthwash can result in a nasty infection from a bite. I was all about an antibiotic until I found out that Mitten’s rabies vaccine had expired a month and a half ago. While I’m google’ing if aggressive behavior is a symptom of active rabies, the doctor is, by law, reporting the bite to the sheriff.

Law enforcement’s response to the Active Biter situation was swift and decisive and I strongly recommended that the officers go full riot gear when confronting Mittens, Satanic Kitty of Darkness. Before long, Mittens was in kitty cuffs, headed downtown for a perp walk and some time in the hole. Meanwhile I’m watching “Ol’ Yeller” on a loop waiting for my mouth to foam. 

A couple of days later, I followed up to see if Mittens had shown any level of remorse. I’d hoped that a little time in solitary might bring him to Jesus, show him the wickedness of his ways. Mittens, however, issued no apologies. I think Mittens was busy getting a tear drop tattoo, carving shanks from bars of soap and organizing an inside crime ring to move illegal catnip to the streets. 

I want to believe that no cat is beyond redemption and pray that, at some point, Mittens will ask for the help he needs. I also hope he gets updated shots and a collar, accepts the will of a Higher Power and gets his anger issues under control. Stop the violence, Mittens! It’s time to stop the violence!

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End of the Aqua Rodent

TwiggyThere may be no greater example of the brutality of Time marching on than this. Oh children, how it grieves me that, alas, I must be the bearer of this heartbreaking news, but, yes, after nearly 40 long, glorious years, the water-skiing squirrel show is ending. Please wail and gnash your teeth now. I’ll wait. For truly, this is the end of an era, as never before in our history, nor ever again in our future, will we see the likes of Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel.

Well over four decades ago, Chuck Best, an auxiliary trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol rescued a baby squirrel that had been blown out of a tree during a hurricane. Add one toy power boat and a couple of Styrofoam water skis to a squirrel who can’t argue about it because you saved his life, plus he’s a squirrel, and by gosh, you’ve got a show! Tragically, though, in 1997, Officer Best drowns while trying to rescue his step-father who had fallen out of a boat. Neither of them was wearing a life jacket.

Now widowed, Lou Ann Best, unwilling to sink into her grief, cut a teen-tiny life jacket out of a foam beer coozie, popped it over Twiggy’s little squirrel head, and added an important message about water safety to the show. Put new AA-batteries in the boat, kids! We’re back in business!

Now, after countless thousands of loops around the shallow pool and one final, blow-out performance at last week’s X-Games, Twiggy and Lou Ann are hanging up the skis and looking forward to a quieter life in a 55+ community. Lou Ann is 55+; Twiggy is 10+, but that’s probably comparable in squirrel years. This is the eighth Twiggy in an illustrious line of skiing Twiggy squirrels. I guess Florida gets a lot of hurricanes, so lots of weirdly talented squirrels probably fall out of the trees all the time. Personally, I think I’d hang around the tree that dropped the squirrels that could pick Lotto numbers or make tacos.

So while we try to wrap our heads around a future filled with global warming, Russian espionage, and cilantro, let us take a moment to remember the Golden Years of Twiggy the Water-skiing Squirrel. And remember to wear your life jacket when you’re out on the boat. Even a toy boat (say that five times fast: toy boat, toy boat, toy boat…).

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