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I’ve been a professional writer since 1990 — magazine and newspaper features, personality profiles, corporate communications and video scripts. I currently write a weekly column called Much Ado About Nothing for The Source Weekly newspaper in Brazoria County, Texas. It’s just my snarky outlook on life and most of my columns can be read here as well.

Living in Saudi Arabia for three years amazed and baffled me. This is as close to the surface of the moon as I will ever be! Get a glimpse into this bizarre world in “From the Sandbox” that’s part of this blog.

My first full-length play “Potato Gumbo” premiered in September 2015. It was accepted by the 2016 Pulitzer Prize committee and production rights are currently available for most markets.  I’m ready whenever Broadway is ready! You can read an excerpt on my website.

Keep up with me on the web: www.TheWriterJean.com.

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8 responses to “About

  1. slyv

    thewritergene is what you have!


  2. Susan

    I love your “snarky” writing !!


  3. Tracy

    Thank goodness you’ve taken your POV to the world!! We all desperately need a good laugh … And you deliver, sista!


  4. Kathryn D

    I lived in Saudi in the 80’s! It really hasn’t changed much from what I can tell except we didn’t have to wear the abayas. Enjoy the experience.


  5. Paul Ciampi

    Go Jean go!


  6. francineee

    i luvvv reading ur article every week makes me laffff at ur humor keep writing ur great stuff!!!!!


  7. Mark Brown

    Jean, snarky, I’m not buyin’ it.


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